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NHL Picks 3/17/22

Today’s NHL Picks look to be another exciting one. Today’s card has a great game featuring the Vegas Golden Knights vs Florida Panthers. My pick for this game is the Florida Panthers -135. One underdog to watch on this card is the Buffalo Sabres +215. Another team that should keep an eye on is the New York Rangers -130. Are you following today’s games?

Top Plays

  • Carolina Hurricanes -105
  • Dallas Stars -186
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +190
  • St. Louis Blues +106
  • Buffalo Sabres +215
  • Detroit Red Wings +175
  • Florida Panthers -135


03-17-2022 NHL Card title=03-17-2022 NHL Card


Game Pick Start Time(EST)
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes -105 7:00 PM
Montreal Canadiens vs Dallas Stars Dallas Stars -186 7:00 PM
Philadelphia Flyers vs Nashville Predators Nashville Predators -164 7:00 PM
Washington Capitals vs Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus Blue Jackets +190 7:00 PM
New York Rangers vs New York Islanders New York Rangers -130 7:00 PM
St. Louis Blues vs Pittsburgh Penguins St. Louis Blues +106 8:00 PM
Edmonton Oilers vs Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres +215 9:00 PM
Vancouver Canucks vs Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings +175 10:00 PM
San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Kings -155 10:00 PM
Vegas Golden Knights vs Florida Panthers Florida Panthers -135 10:30 PM

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