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MLB Picks 7/6/22

There are a lot of great MLB games featured in our MLB Picks. Today’s card includes a great game featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies. I am on the Colorado Rockies +275 in this game. My underdog pick for this card is the Kansas City Royals +238. Another team to watch out for on this card is the Detroit Tigers +164. Let me know if you are following any of today’s games.

Top Plays

  • Detroit Tigers +164
  • Chicago Cubs +216
  • St. Louis Cardinals +170
  • Colorado Rockies +275


MLB Picks 7/6 title=07-06-2022-MLB-Card-1

Computer Picks

Game Pick Start Time(EST)
Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Guardians Detroit Tigers +164 1:11 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs +216 2:11 PM
Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins +104 2:11 PM
Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics Toronto Blue Jays -172 3:38 PM
New York Mets vs Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds +152 6:41 PM
Miami Marlins vs Los Angeles Angels Miami Marlins +150 6:41 PM
Texas Rangers vs Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles +104 7:06 PM
Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals +196 7:06 PM
Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Yankees Pittsburgh Pirates +215 7:06 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox Tampa Bay Rays +120 7:11 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta Braves St. Louis Cardinals +170 7:21 PM
Kansas City Royals vs Houston Astros Kansas City Royals +238 8:11 PM
San Francisco Giants vs Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Giants -125 9:41 PM
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies +275 10:11 PM

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